Ingredients: Shea butter, vitamin E and cherry extract from Luberon, France

Product Description: This creamy and non-greasy moisturizer nourishes and protects hands, leaving them delicately scented.

My Experience: Now that I’m thirty-something I want to pay as much attention to my hands as I do my face. At the very least, I want to pay some attention to my hands. And I must say that I adore L’Occitane. Their soaps have permanent residence in my bathroom. And I don’t know what it is about this year but I’m all about cherries, so I bought this cream. And it’s truly lovely. The scent is delicately fresh and cherry-licious. If I breathe in and close my eyes I immediately picture myself laying in a field of fluttering cherry blossoms. The scent lingers but it’s subtle; it won’t overpower your perfume. The texture is silky and luxe – my hands feel instantly nourished when I rub it in. Less than five minutes later my hands are noticeably softer and smoother and not at all greasy. And the packaging is brilliant. The lid doesn’t come off. You merely twist it and a tiny hole in the top of the lid opens. This allows for control over how much product you can squeeze out – you’ll never have to worry about a ton of cream accidentally plopping out or the area around the lid getting goopy or collecting fluff and dirt. It’s terribly neat and different to any other hand cream packaging I’ve seen. This cream also comes in a 30 ml travel size that’s cheaper and perfect for your handbag. It doesn’t have the nifty twist-top of the full size but, like all L’Occitane products, the packaging is tres jolie. Everything about this cream screams quality.

The Skinny: A nourishing and non-greasy hand cream that smells divine and leaves hands silky soft.


UK: £14 from L’Occitane 

USA: $22 from L’Occitane

Rating: 5/5