Product Description: Re-texturizes the skin and excels at being a face primer with high everyday UVA/UVB SPF 35 defense.

My Experience: I’ve been using this a lot over the past few months and I really like it. Some people say BB creams are the same as tinted moisturizers, just marketed differently. Others say they’re better because, as well as providing good coverage, they’re heaped with ingredients that are good for your skin. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any detailed information for this product on MAC’s website so I can’t comment on its ingredients, but it’s a lovely product nonetheless. It’s meant to be a primer, but I often wear it on its own over moisturizer. It has a natural, soft finish with a whisper of a sheen. It’s meant to work on an array of complexions with its sheer beige color, but I’ve heard that some people find it too light (I’m NC20 for reference and find it a very close match for my skin tone). It calms down my redness and makes my skin look more even. I wear this when I want a my-skin-but-better look, and this ticks all the boxes. It provides just enough coverage, it’s lightweight and comfortable and it blends easily. Worn alone it stays put all day and it’s also a long-lasting base beneath makeup. The packaging is a real winner too. Tinted moisturizers and beauty balms so often come in tubes that plop out a huge amount of product through enormous, messy nozzles. This nozzle is small and allows you to squeeze out a neat, precise amount. I prefer this primer to MAC’s Prep & Prime Face Protect SPF 50, which tends to leaves my face sticky and pasty.

The Skinny: A lightly tinted beauty balm that provides good coverage, evens out skin tone and has a lovely, natural finish. Works well on its own or beneath makeup.


UK: £22 from MAC

USA: $30 from MAC

Rating: 4/5