Product Description: Cleans the hair and stimulates the scalp, increasing the blood flow to the roots.

My Experience: I almost didn’t review this brush because it seems so normal to me, such a part of my everyday life that it’s not worthy of mention. But then I decided that’s exactly why it should be mentioned. I’ve owned this brush for years – dare I say almost a decade? Maybe not that long, but I’ve owned it for at least eight years. I use it everyday. If I’m staying overnight somewhere else or traveling, it goes with me. I must say that I’ve got a thing for companies that have been around for generations producing quality stuff, particularly old English companies. Mr Mason Pearson invented an award-winning automatic brush-boring machine in 1885 that helped speed up the process of brush making. He then worked on developing a quality brush by hand, and it took him till 1905 to get it just right. His wife took over the business after him, and the next generations took over after her. Today’s brush is very similar to the 1885 model, but it reflects the improvements of the fully developed models of the 1920s. The handle is polished by hand so all the sharp edges are removed and it sits comfortably in the hand – have you ever used brushes that jab you with nasty, protruding plastic bits? I certainly have. Anyway, these brushes are ridiculously well made. If you clean them periodically (and the good people of Mason Pearson provide cleaning instructions with their brushes) they will last – well, several years at the very least. I shamefully admit I rarely clean mine and it’s lasted longer than I ever imagined a brush would – the bristles have never fallen out, and no part of this brush has ever broken or become less than it was the day I bought it. Mason Pearson have a large range of brushes to suit all hair types from thin hair to thick hair, normal scalps to sensitive. They are very pricey, but they last for literally ages. And if something ever happened to this brush, I’d run out and buy another. Oh, and I love the little retro boxes the brushes come in, so much so that I’ve kept mine all these years. And did I mention these brushes have won oodles of awards?

The Skinny: A superbly made, award-winning hair brush that lasts year upon year upon year. Super expensive but super great.


UK: £66 from

USA: $170 from Neiman Marcus

Rating: Hero (goes above and beyond expectations)