Ingredients: Glycerin, wheat amino acids and vitamins A, C and E

Formulated without: Sulfates and synthetic fragrances

Skin Type: All

Product Description: Removes makeup (including stubborn eye makeup), dirt, oil and other impurities without over-drying or stripping the skin of essential oils. Leaves the skin soft, smooth and revitalized.

My Experience: This is a no-nonsense cleanser. It’s gentle yet effective and contains no fragrance. I use 2-3 pumps for my whole face and although the texture is foamy to begin with, it soon whips into a silky cream. This is impressive for a foam cleanser, because I often find that they don’t lather very well. It’s brimming with good ingredients that help protect, nourish and repair skin whilst retaining its moisture. And you can tell: it removes makeup easily and leaves skin feeling very clean yet comfortable; there’s no tightness or sense that your skin has been stripped. The packaging is sleek, durable and minimalist. And I love a skin care company that proudly stamps its ingredients on the front of its containers. I do have a few gripes about this product, though. It’s not a gentle eye makeup remover. The instructions advise you to gently massage around the eyes several times to remove eye makeup, but it stung and irritated my sensitive peepers. And although I admire the omission of synthetic fragrances, I’m not keen on a cleanser that has no smell at all. For this price, I want the whole shabang: an effective cleanser that smells lovely, feels good on my skin and makes me look forward to using it.

The Skinny: A no frills cleanser that effectively removes makeup and leaves skin feeling clean and comfortable. It does irritate my eyes, though. And I wish it had some kind of fragrance. It’s just doesn’t feel or smell like a luxurious cleanser, and I feel like it should for the price.


UK: £24 from SalonSkincare

USA: $32 from Sephora

Rating: 3/5