Ingredients: Vitamins C and E


Color: 43 Calico

Product Description: “No7 Instant Radiance Foundation is a unique energising complex with vitamins C and E to help protect and revitalise dull-looking skin”.

My Experience: First of all, I apologize to my non-UK readers because the service I’m going to discuss is currently only available in the UK. That said, let’s get to it. So, I love the makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. I watch her videos religiously, and take most of what she says as beauty gospel. Recently, she posted a video explaining the new foundation selection service for the No7 brand that she has helped develop over the past three years. It’s truly fascinating. See her video explaining it here. Basically, No7 has developed a nifty gadget that, when held up to your skin, takes twenty-seven photographs and is then able to gauge exactly which color foundation is best suited for your skin. The brand also compiled skin profiles of women of all ethnicities and ages in order to formulate the foundations. I sailed up to the No7 counter at my local Boots and plonked myself down for the camera test. The process was very exciting. I waited in eager anticipation as the SA held the remote up to each side of my face and clicked. It took literally seconds. And then she showed me the result: Calico. Now, I must say I loathe that name. I hate to think of my perfect color being made up of different and uneven patchy colors. The other foundations names are more forgiving: cool ivory, beige, wheat, deeply honey, etc. There are seventeen shades in total, and at least six different formulations to choose from depending on your skin type. I chose Instant Radiance and flew home to try it out. I was deeply surprised by and apprehensive about the lightness of color. But as I applied the foundation, it melted seamlessly into my skin. Coverage is very good. Although my skin is in good condition, I have a little hyper pigmentation on my chin and this foundation covered it sufficiently enough that I didn’t need concealer. It also builds nicely. You can add more in certain areas without it caking. The finish is even and natural, although slightly dry. It doesn’t feel as light as a tinted moisturizer or some foundations I’ve used, but it isn’t uncomfortable. It had a bit of a brightening affect, but it wasn’t moisturizing enough to be radiant. Wear is so-so. For the first couple of hours it held up very well indeed, but after three it started to slip around and get quite patchy, particularly in the areas that had needed a bit more coverage. I also think the shade, although a very good match, lacks warmth. It makes me look a rather unhealthy pale that requires blush or bronzer. Do I think this is the perfect foundation for me? No, but I think it’s good for the price and I’m very impressed by the technology and effort No7 has put into revamping this brand. I would encourage anyone to go to a Boots that offers this foundation matching service and try it out. Above all, it’s wonderful to have the daunting task of choosing foundation placed firmly into the hands of an unbiased gadget that actually measures skin tone. And it gets pretty damn close.

The Skinny: A reasonably priced foundation that’s easy to apply, feels comfortable and provides good coverage. It’s not moisturizing enough to provide radiance, although it is a little brightening. Lasting power is just okay.


UK: £12.95 from Boots

USA: Sorry, my lovelies, I don’t think this is available in the USA. Try Ebay or Amazon.

Rating: 3/5