Hyaluronic acid: helps restore the skin’s moisture.
Katafray extract: helps reinforce the skin’s surface barrier effect and helps prevent dehydration.
Sorbier bud extract: reinforces skin hydration and radiance.
Inca peanut extract: helps restore the hydrolipidic film.
Chondrus crispus extract (red algae): helps stimulate skin’s natural moisturization process.

Product Description: “Intensive, moisture-replenishing care. As invisible as it is comfortable, this bi-phase serum acts at all levels of the skin to help restore the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms. It replenishes very thirsty skin and promotes soft, comfortable, radiant and matte skin.”

My Experience: First of all, profuse apologies for my lack of blogging. I’m in the throes of an MA and finding it difficult to maintain any life outside my studies. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

It was not my intention to buy this product; I’m rather dubious about serums, but I was lured by the siren song of the free gift set so I purchased this in addition to a moisturizer (a review of which will follow in another post). The serum is blue and watery, so care is needed when pumping it out. My skin feels comfortable after I use it, but not quenched, as the name suggests. In fact, the serum does something quite peculiar. It leaves a film on my face. If I happen to rub my face after I use it, it literally pills on my skin and the gummy residue sticks to my fingers. Not nice. And this only happens when I use this product. It’s rather alarming: I want a serum to absorb into my skin and work its magic from within, not sit on top of my skin like the sticky lacquer on a coffee table. This isn’t its only downside, I’m afraid. I’m not opposed to scented products, especially if they smell flowery and French, but this is so heavily dosed in artificial fragrance that a pump of it is like a punch in the face. Blue coloring and heavy artificial fragrance? This is a no-no for ultra sensitive skin. In fact, I don’t think this serum is doing anything beneficial for my skin, despite the acid and extracts it contains. My skin doesn’t feel any more hydrated with this product than without it, and the film it leaves is hugely unpleasant. I love the heft and sleekness of the packaging, but that’s not enough to justify the price. Such a disappointment!

The Skinny: I can’t think of anyone I would recommend this to: it’s heavy with artificial color, fragrance, and it leaves a film on the face that pills into a gummy residue. It’s not intensive or quenching, either. Big disappointment.


UK: £40 from lookfantastic

USA: $58 from Clarins

Rating: 1/5