Ingredients: Vitamin E

Color: Peachy pink with gold glitter.

Product Description: Semi-sheer and creamy formula lip gloss that’s smooth, non-sticky and comfortable to wear.

My Experience: I’ve bought a few NARS lip glosses over the years and I’ve loved every single one. When I was a teenager I loved thick, sticky glosses and collected Juicy Tubes like other people collected Beanie Babies. Now that I’m older I hate sticky, gooey glosses. I want something that’s shiny yet comfortable and NARS lip glosses are renowned for their nourishing and balmy formula. Turkish Delight skyrocketed in popularity when it was revealed to be Kim Kardashian’s gloss of choice. I adore how NARS glosses feel. They’re slick and easy to apply with the sponge wand and they’re very shiny without being sticky. I can sail out of the house on a windy day without worrying about hair strands getting totally plastered to my mouth. They don’t dry my lips out, either. A while back I owned NARS Orgasm, a peachy pink with shimmer, which was my go-to sheer yet glimmering gloss. And Super Orgasm is an amped up Orgasm. It’s loaded with gold glitter and packs an ultra glam punch without feeling gritty. It’s the perfect gloss for a beachy, bronzed summer look and adds a special sparkle to any neutral lipstick or pencil. Possibly my favorite NARS gloss.

The Skinny: A beautiful semi-sheer peachy pink gloss rippling with gold glitter that’s smooth and creamy as balm.


UK: £17.50 from John Lewis

USA: $24 from Sephora

Rating: 5/5